Hilo Bay Panorama

June 19, 2013

10-30-12 006


03-04 018

Two Old Favorites, some ripples, two canoes, a waterfall..


One wild wave…

03-01waves 051And a new

Hilo Bay Panorama processed

from my 3 photos by Kort Ploshay!

Hilo Bay Panorama

Look what my friend Kort  did with three Hilo Shorelines photos.. Thank you Kort!


Mid December

December 15, 2012

on a cold and quiet winter night
a traveller sought shelter for his wife..
what has this to do (you might well ask)
with these images? a picture’s worth a thousand words
and yet i add more seemingly unrelated
it’s just me trying to get a word in edgewise

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11-18-11 02703-29-10 00904-06-10 (76) 0252 - 23(swell&kaia) 0096-8 010falls&lhs 022

     I will stand on the

moss-covered rock

in the middle of a forest

at the edge of the sea

This is my theme for now

my expedition

Akaka FallsWhere the falling water calls

This is my vision

this is my dream

A rainforest, an island, a song..


Let’s take a walk downtown for some fine green moss..  at the edge of the Pu’ueo Bridge in Hilo

The forest rock will have to wait!

(not too long, the good lord willin’ & the creek don’t rise..)

In the meantime here we are in the middle of town. 

And this is the shoreline for sure..


Yes this is downtown Hilo!

At the mouth of the Wailuku River

Where the Singing Bridge beckons

and the little lighthouse calls…

   (This one is called Roughwater Morning on redbubble & fineartamerica) 

  Out of order, out of

context, out of

town, the Puna coastline

stands out

out of the blue

or beyond the blue


  an unknown wavewalker 

in the early morning sunlight

in Hilo Bay..

And we come back to the canoes.

   Speaking of canoes..  these are all from Bayfront.. Big Island masterwork!                There’s the Singing Bridge

& a white canoe…

  And the dawn of this new day

gives me hope 

gives me light

    I  will stand my ground!

Time to turn our eyes again to the shoreline

After all this time

Inspiration from around the world

Even words from South Africa

Remind me where it all starts



Source Becomes Mouth

Mountain Flows to the Sea



and we see it all

through the eye of tranquility

revisiting, revising, reviewing,

rewording & rewarding

thank you for looking

thank you for sharing the vision

and for reading

Nearing Mid-April

April 11, 2010

       Some of my favorite images from  recent times..

    (Maybe they didn’t make it into the first cut)

   A tribute to the Merrie Monarch Festival, 2010, Hilo– A Kaumana lehua..

   And now for some Hilo shorelines, always more Hilo shorelines, (that’s what we’re here for, Hilo Shore Lines            

“These shorelines have been blessed..”


 P. S.  I  got a  request for more canoe pictures… let’s see what we can find.


And here’s something to think about:  the bridge at Honoli’i..    

   Adios & Aloha from the Islands to the World 

(Tried to delete the duplicates but everything disappears, so the doubles are back..)

One more wave?   And one more waterfall..

  Most of my shoreline posts are in or within a few miles of Hilo. 

For a change let’s take a journey down the coast to Kapoho & Kalapana, starting with a stop at

Makenzie State Park (where sister Ann enjoys the view)..   



  Talk about a twisted trunk!  This one has weathered the wind & waves..  They say Makenzie is on the edge of the known universe..  

No great river of flowing lava right now, but here is some steam rising from the hillside beyond what was once the village of Kalapana..      

Here’s the black sand beach known as Kehena..       

Yes, we’re jumping around a little.. back to Kapoho for a look at the tide pools.. 

Snorkelers' Paradise



March 14, 2009

The Tempest Boat

The Tempest Boat

This was used in the new movie of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, filmed partly here on the Big Island.  The small boat harbor was closed off for several days …small boat harbor   rrb2-009  Not far away, the big cruise ships &  tugboats criss-cross with sailing canoes & kayaks…   rrboats-022  rrboats-0281  rrboats-0321 twbdrbsnow-025  twbdrbsnow-009  twbdrbsnow-0121  rrboats-0301  A few miles down the shoreline, kayaks brave the surf at Leleiwi…pics-7-003 

pics-six-033  And for contrast, a few more of the big ones…  picture-0251

rrb2-001  rrboats-0171 


from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii

These images are my gifts to the world

As I love living here

& seeing the beauty all around me every day

I also love being able to share

in this new &  unexpected way

a glimpse of the wonders abounding in paradise

(a fragment of the daily adventure)

     For more Hilo shoreline photos & pictures of our grandchildren, 

please visit   ronbroomell.wordpress.com

    I appreciate & treasure your commments & responses  

(Thank you, sister Jennie!)