Hilo Bay Panorama

June 19, 2013

10-30-12 006


03-04 018

Two Old Favorites, some ripples, two canoes, a waterfall..


One wild wave…

03-01waves 051And a new

Hilo Bay Panorama processed

from my 3 photos by Kort Ploshay!

Hilo Bay Panorama

Look what my friend Kort  did with three Hilo Shorelines photos.. Thank you Kort!


Mid December

December 15, 2012

on a cold and quiet winter night
a traveller sought shelter for his wife..
what has this to do (you might well ask)
with these images? a picture’s worth a thousand words
and yet i add more seemingly unrelated
it’s just me trying to get a word in edgewise

11-23-12snow 02510-30-12 00603-04 01811-14-12 091

11-18-11 02703-29-10 00904-06-10 (76) 0252 - 23(swell&kaia) 0096-8 010falls&lhs 022

Nearing Mid-April

April 11, 2010

       Some of my favorite images from  recent times..

    (Maybe they didn’t make it into the first cut)

   A tribute to the Merrie Monarch Festival, 2010, Hilo– A Kaumana lehua..

   And now for some Hilo shorelines, always more Hilo shorelines, (that’s what we’re here for, Hilo Shore Lines            

“These shorelines have been blessed..”


 P. S.  I  got a  request for more canoe pictures… let’s see what we can find.


And here’s something to think about:  the bridge at Honoli’i..    

   Adios & Aloha from the Islands to the World 

(Tried to delete the duplicates but everything disappears, so the doubles are back..)

One more wave?   And one more waterfall..