Downtown Hilo on a Saturday Night   IMG_1801   Vision blurred for colors & streetlights

IMG_1805                   IMG_1796      IMG_1797   A street-person is dancing

                                                                                                       in the middle of the bandstand

(Here’s Kamehameha Avenue)



New Post, some oldies..

December 15, 2013

It’s Time

(12 / 14 / 13)

for a new post

no telling what it will be but not much new uploaded yet due to equipment failure, so in Ohana mode i seek whatever is right ~

10-30-12 006

11-01-12 002 

Looks like we could call this one “A Few Old Favorites”

11-14-12 091 05-25-10(124) 084

IMG_1014    IMG_1029



IMG_1011   because i love the shapes and colors

IMG_0989 IMG_0998 IMG_1001 IMG_1003   Let’s Make Beauty Famous

05-07-13 023 

and a few bonus views   IMG_1023 IMG_0981


Again and Always..   06-06-13 013

 ~Old Grey Heron~


Amazingly enough we’ve opened the seemingly sealed files

And found access to some otherwise lost photographs\

With your permission

we’ll jump immediately to whatever catches the eye

06-06-13 002  

  06-06-13 013          05-07-13 023