Gratitude is an Understatement

Levity is Likely

This old machine that rhymes with Bell

Has been in a coma

(and who could tell if it would awaken..?)

So for days & weeks we’ve been trying to get through

with occasional messages and pictures on the family connection

which as it happens i’m using again now (since the line after “awaken”)

             Still I’m more than glad to have posted that current little green cactus cousin

             from the otherwise inaccessible photofiles

            and promise a return to the shorelines as possible

                                                                                           In the meantime I’ll admit I have been most grateful these years

Not only for Love and Family and Beauty all around

But also for the clear view of the Heavens

Right from our own back yard ~

10-30-12 037 11-01-12 014
01-01-10 033

 ALOHA and a Joyful December

to All of You ~~ Again & Always


In The Garden Again

November 30, 2013

In The Garden Again