Aloha World, this is Hilo!

October 24, 2008

Branching out from family photos

We now introduce a new weblog

Long-planned yet still unprepared

We are guided by the words of the Searchers

To begin near the mouth of the Wailuku

At the rock known as Maui’s Canoe

"Maui's Canoe", Wailuku River (downtown Hilo!)

(Wailuku River, 2 blocks from downtown Hilo)

Facing makai (seaward) from the Keawe St. Bridge we see what’s often called “The Singing Bridge”

because of the sounds it makes when driven on…

And upstream through the vines, a few waterfalls.

  “There are those who believe

that Hilo is the most beatuiful

town in the world!”








Hilo & Mauna Kea

Hilo & Mauna Kea





Puhi Bay

Puhi Bay

               Keaukaha smiles

                    & Leleiwi glows…


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