More Surf, More Light

June 22, 2009

flowers,waves 032Last month I posted “Waiting for a Wave”

because that’s what most surfers were doing.

It’s flat again now but in the meantime

we’ve had a little bit of small-kind wave action.

So here’s a Honoli’i update, followed by some ocean sunrises

(& other lessons in life & light…)surf,light 025                                                                  

surf,light 026 surf,light 027 surf,light 016 surf,light 019 surf,light 022

(A few days later now, June 22, a rainy morning with a few bigger waves:)

flowers,waves 027  flowers,waves 026flowers,waves 025flowers,waves 041flowers,waves 036flowers,waves 038    flowers,waves 032  And still, some waiting…  flowers,waves 029  5-11 052

Light, More Light!

Morning Is Breaking

5-11 051 5-11 007


surf,light 010  surf,light 006  surf,light 005

One More Wave
One More Wave


jsvid&qlg 014

There’s Jamal on the right…

5-28 0305-28 049


5-28 028


King Kamehameha Day

June 12, 2009

June 11

Festival to honor King Kamehameha the Great

(Unifier of the Hawaiian Kingdom)

His statue at Hilo Bayfront is draped with leis…

 Kamehameha Statue

King K 007 King K 008 King K 006 King K 005 King K 009 

King K 001


Canoe Beach glowing across the bay


Coconut Island”

 (the site for a celebration of music, hula, crafts & culture)

Mauna Kea viewed thru treestumps (from Moku Ola parking area)
Mauna Kea viewed through treestumps (from Moku Ola parking area)


(another twisted tree)
(another twisted tree)
Another view of Hilo Bay
Hilo Bay

On the way to the Island–

which was historically considered a Place of Refuge…
Moku Ola
Moku Ola

jsvid&qlg 015 (Yes, we’ve been here before.  Check my previous posts or archives for “Moku Ola”) 

Now, on to the festival!

(Note:  If anyone knows the identity of these musicians, please let me know so I can give them proper credit.)

King K 018 King K 013  King K 014  King K 015 

King K 012 King K 026  King K 025  King K 028  King K 023

And here’s the mountain (Mauna Kea of course)

Clear on the morning after

King K 031