A Walk on the Edge

February 24, 2010

Late February

brings us visions of dreams & changing realities

& more pictures than i know what to do with

(no time to sort them out, tho that’s all i’ve been doing lately)

(posting here, posting there, forgetting my first loves)

Walking, walking, walking the shorelines…


          And another walk, down the coast a few miles…    

         Only a beginning but it’s going out anyway.

Signing off for now,  with Aloha–       


  Most of my shoreline posts are in or within a few miles of Hilo. 

For a change let’s take a journey down the coast to Kapoho & Kalapana, starting with a stop at

Makenzie State Park (where sister Ann enjoys the view)..   



  Talk about a twisted trunk!  This one has weathered the wind & waves..  They say Makenzie is on the edge of the known universe..  

No great river of flowing lava right now, but here is some steam rising from the hillside beyond what was once the village of Kalapana..      

Here’s the black sand beach known as Kehena..       

Yes, we’re jumping around a little.. back to Kapoho for a look at the tide pools.. 

Snorkelers' Paradise