March 14, 2009

The Tempest Boat

The Tempest Boat

This was used in the new movie of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, filmed partly here on the Big Island.  The small boat harbor was closed off for several days …small boat harbor   rrb2-009  Not far away, the big cruise ships &  tugboats criss-cross with sailing canoes & kayaks…   rrboats-022  rrboats-0281  rrboats-0321 twbdrbsnow-025  twbdrbsnow-009  twbdrbsnow-0121  rrboats-0301  A few miles down the shoreline, kayaks brave the surf at Leleiwi…pics-7-003 

pics-six-033  And for contrast, a few more of the big ones…  picture-0251

rrb2-001  rrboats-0171 


from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii

These images are my gifts to the world

As I love living here

& seeing the beauty all around me every day

I also love being able to share

in this new &  unexpected way

a glimpse of the wonders abounding in paradise

(a fragment of the daily adventure)

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Yellow Canoes

March 8, 2009

Canoes and cruise ship

Canoes and cruise ship

Aloha & best wishes to all

my few & loyal readers
(These photos represent my favorite views of Canoe Beach & Coconut Island.  Accidentally deleted them last week so now I bring them back.)