More Surf, More Light

June 22, 2009

flowers,waves 032Last month I posted “Waiting for a Wave”

because that’s what most surfers were doing.

It’s flat again now but in the meantime

we’ve had a little bit of small-kind wave action.

So here’s a Honoli’i update, followed by some ocean sunrises

(& other lessons in life & light…)surf,light 025                                                                  

surf,light 026 surf,light 027 surf,light 016 surf,light 019 surf,light 022

(A few days later now, June 22, a rainy morning with a few bigger waves:)

flowers,waves 027  flowers,waves 026flowers,waves 025flowers,waves 041flowers,waves 036flowers,waves 038    flowers,waves 032  And still, some waiting…  flowers,waves 029  5-11 052

Light, More Light!

Morning Is Breaking

5-11 051 5-11 007


surf,light 010  surf,light 006  surf,light 005

One More Wave
One More Wave


jsvid&qlg 014

There’s Jamal on the right…

5-28 0305-28 049


5-28 028


One Response to “More Surf, More Light”

  1. ronbroomell Says:

    Thanks for the rearrangement
    (Never mind the video)
    Keep up the good work!

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