Light Re-leaf Two

January 4, 2014

i sat down by the water’s edge\

intending to photograph the masts ^& sailboats..

\\when what should appear before my eyes\

but a little leaf lit up by the sun ~

IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1876



3 Responses to “Light Re-leaf Two”

  1. Reblogged this on Let's Make Beauty Famous and commented:

    my happy birthday Thank You card to everyone who thought of me today and to everyone who didn’t
    and to everyone who didn’t

    • Glenda Thornton Says:

      I was blessed when I met you the first time. When I found you again, it was a godsend.

      • For years I’ve wondered whether anyone would ever see some of my posts.. Your kind comment makes it all worthwhile.. Thank you for looking & letting me know (You have a little book in the mail if you didn’t get it yet. Hope you are still at the same address ~ Aloha & I’ll write soon on fb or gmail ~ Happy Trails ~

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