Moku Ola Tower

December 9, 2012

Moku Ola Tower

A familiar landmark on Coconut Island in Hilo Bay

12-08-12jamal 002

12-08-12jamal 005

03-01waves 011  12-08-12jamal 013

and some other shorelines and recent visions…

(After a little consternation concerning my own confusion about my multiple weblogs and the reasons therefor, I’ve decided to relax and keep all of them, posting whatever occurs to me as i always have, without even worrying about which one i’m on, so welcome to the world of


11-23-12snow 002





11-23-12snow 015   11-23-12snow 061  11-23-12snow 028  11-23-12snow 025  11-23-12snow 023  11-23-12snow 029  This is Hilo Bay 

Just the other day..

And again another day, and again..

with snow

already weeks ago

as time flies\ faster than i can catch it..

11-23-12snow 042  11-23-12snow 04903-01waves 0661-12 orch,schn,lele 019


ALOHA again and always /~


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