Farewell to the Old Blue Moon

January 3, 2010


And In With the Golden Sun!

& in w/ the golden sun

and in with the golden sun     The Golden Sun    


On to another Sunrise

Another sunset

On to a new decade of light & love, comfort & joy,

Kindness & peace, fun & prosperity!


          So let us think good thoughts for the coming year & wish the best for all our friends

& even those we do not know

for the world is now a village    “We Sail– and we sail together”      “The name of our ship is The New Beginning–

& our sails are of hopeful colors..”    {Hopeful Colors would be a good name for a company of artists or a book of paintings}{a band of gypsies or a group of photographers}

The January songs are coming on strong. It seems a good time to update  Strong Currents & Tributaries.

These Hilo shorelines are inspiring a new stream, a brook  “of unbounded returns” ..              This is the bridge to tomorrow

   and the eye of the universe…

   The eye is watching us..       watching us.     

On the eve of a birthday

I wish you all the best

(in a few minutes I’ll be 62)

   So I wish you red sails & waterfalls

      & flowers in your garden     

Warmth in the Winter

& Wonder in the Spring       Rainbows on your shoulder & a ship to set you free…    

an eye for beauty watching you & an ear for early news

(how can you sink? how can you lose?)

The New Year

still young, will soon be gone

 & what will we have done?

  & what will we have done?

On the eve of a birthday

I wish us all the best



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